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What is Miryal®? (The Bit Longer Version)


Miryal® is an environmentally friendly, sustainable soil product that is filled with rich probiotics called mycorrhizae, which grow in close contact with plant roots developing extensions of the root system itself.


When Cookman Corporation partnered with leading Canadian scientist Dr. Leanne Philip of Soil Advocates Inc., and BioSyneterra Solutions Inc. -- pioneers in cutting edge production and formulations of microbial probiotics -- this ground-breaking product and partnership is what allowed Miryal® to be brought to market.


This startling discovery was a dramatic leap forward that now opens the door to a wide array of uses for the rich soil, according to Dr. Philip. She likens plant root systems treated with Miryal® to “major transportation and social media networks working synergistically below ground.”

“The commercial development of the product Miryal® could mean sustainable increased food production, wetland regeneration, and the restoration and regeneration of gravel pits and landfill sites,” says Dr. Philip. Wineries, parks, conservation areas, multi-purpose greenspaces and climate change reduction strategies are other uses for Miryal®.

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