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The ultimate plant probiotic -- a revolution

in home gardening

Today, so many plants, trees, shrubs, grasses, flowers, and vegetables face stresses in their environment, such as infertile soils, diseases, extreme temperatures, drought, and man-made chemicals.

Miryal® is composed of mycorrhizae that helps plants species adapt to their harsh conditions. It helps the roots grow tiny filaments that occupy great expanses of soil volumes and trap mineral nutrients and water which are essential to support plant growth.


The mycorrhizae of Miryal® attaches and becomes part of the cells of the roots of the plants and extensions of the root system itself. This allows the roots to reach the smaller pockets of nutrients in the soil.

The release of certain probiotics by Miryal® weakens disease organisms and forms a protective barrier on the plant roots.

Imagine reducing the cost and use of watering, fertilizing, and pesticide use, as your plants increase their ability to protect themselves naturally.


That's the Miryal®  difference!

Add  Miryal®  to all plants, trees, shrubs, bushes, flowers and vegetables.

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