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Lawn Care

There are many benefits

to adding Miryal® to your lawn.

Apply Miryal® to your lawn to ensure that the grass roots will grow thick and lush. Miryal® contains special mycorrhizae that colonizes grass roots, which greatly expands the roots ability to be absorptive and drought tolerant.  By adding Miryal® the roots of your lawn will become more efficient for the uptake of nutrients and water.


The soil in an average yard is often depleted of mycorrhizae and most people over fertilize with synthetic fertilizers. Adding Miryal® to your grass will put back nature's natural mycorrhizae.

Check out the benefits of adding  Miryal® to your lawn:

  • Maximized use of organic fertilizers. The extensive tiny root system extensions produced by Miryal® in the soil release enzymes that unlock major macro and micronutrients.

  • Healthy root systems. Thick, lush lawns growing in 'living' soil weakens disease organisms and forms a protective barrier on the plant roots.


  • Increase in turf establishment and coverage. Adding Miryal® to your lawn when preparing your soil for seeding increases the success rate of turf establishment and coverage by efficiently doubling grass cover and significantly increasing the root biomass. You will get the grass coverage you desire with the first seeding, rather than having to reapply several times.

  • Less watering and more drought resistance. The ability of Miryal® to reach deep into the soil for water and make it available to your lawn creates turf that is better able to withstand drought. The mycorrhizae in Miryal® reduce stress from moisture loss in grass. This results in lawns that spring back quickly from wilting caused by dry conditions that we commonly see in hot dry summer months.         


Adding Miryal® will make a visible, amazing difference to your lawn while also providing a variety of benefits.


Let us do it for you!

Let us apply Miryal® to your lawn! In addition to the sale of Miryal® gardening products, we are pleased to offer a full service Miryal® Lawn Care Professional who will recommend the ideal Miryal® lawn care program, products and services for your lawn.  Contact Sales at 905-906-5233.

The lawn on the right contains Miryal®. See the Miryal®  


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